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Clean Renewable Energy 

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BoMax Hydrogen, LLC has developed a patented photo-biocatalytic system that uses light-activated nanoparticles coupled with bioinorganic molecules to generate 100% clean hydrogen. The BoMax catalyst harnesses the power of nature to produce clean renewable hydrogen for use in fuel cells; production at point of use, at room temperature, and with zero emissions. Since opening the lab in July 2016,  BoMax has increased the 24-hour hydrogen production rate over 3000x, approaching commercially relevant values.  Duration of continuous hydrogen production has extended from 5 days to 39 days with anticipation of lasting 60 to 90 days and longer.  The BoMax hydrogen generation system demonstrated that it can be turned on and off with the addition and removal of light in a 72-day experiment.  BoMax holds current patent and has filed an additional utility patent (March 2019) based on improvements achieved in the photo-biocatalytic system.  The Business Model represents a distributed means of providing affordable, pure hydrogen made in an environmentally safe way. 

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