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People Matter

We believe that all people matter and are worthy of respect, dignity, and civility. It comes down to doing the right thing; we are committed to engaging each individual with this understanding.



Integrity & Trust

We believe that the basis for all of our actions shall be integrity (we will do what we say) and trust (you will do what you say).

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Lifetime Learning

We believe in the quest to be smarter, better, and faster as we complete our mission and achieve our vision. To do so we must continually learn and incorporate what we learn into our daily lives and into our work. We seek out new technologies and training opportunities that enrich our lives and those of whom we serve.



We believe in taking personal responsibility for the execution of our portion of the work, however large or small. We get paid for doing, not for trying. We will get the job done, whatever it takes.



We believe that life is to be enjoyed. We will embrace our lives both at work and at play with the joy of hope and possibility. We realize that life is precious and will use ours to enrich the lives of others.

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We believe that it is our responsibility to take an active role in our communities. We believe that to whom much is given, much is required. We will be engaged to improve the quality of life within our communities.

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